1. 大會日期:2017年10月4日至8日

   Date: Oct 04 to Oct 08, 2017

2. 大會地點:馬來西亞佛光山新馬寺

    Venue:Hsing Ma Si in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

3. 參加費用(Fees):

   代表及觀察員: Delegates & Observers:

  A. 2017年7月31日前報名並繳費者,每人:USD 400元(新台幣12,000元)

USD$400.00 if registered and paid in full by Jul 31, 2017

  B. 2017年8月1~31日報名並繳費者,每人:USD 450元(新台幣13,500元)

USD$450.00 if registered and paid in full by Aug 31, 2017

  C. 2017年9月1日之後報名並繳費者,每人:USD 500元(新台幣15,000元)

USD$500.00 if registered and paid in full by Sep 10, 2017


4. 參加對象~身份說明


Ex-officio Delegates: BLIA World Headquarters Directors, Committee Directors, Deputy Committee Directors, Lay Dharma Lecturers/Teachers, Chapter Elder Advisors, and Chapter Presidents.

    B.代   表:每個國家地區協會有3~5名代表。會員名額毎達100名,即能增加1名代表,以此類推,最高額以150名為限,中華總會200名。而參加之代表人員必須是世界總會核定發給會員卡者為準。

Delegates: Three to five delegates per national/regional chapter, with one additional delegate per 100 members, up to a maximum of one hundred fifty (150) delegates. All delegates must have a valid membership card issued by BLIA World Headquarters.

    C.觀 察 員:以協(分)會之幹部、會員為主,名額為各協會不超過10名。

Observers: Officers and members of BLIA chapters and subchapters, but not to exceed ten (10) observers per chapter.


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