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紐澤西佛光人 共同響應社區環保 BLIA New Jersey Participated in Community Clean-up




紐澤西佛光人 共同響應社區環保 BLIA New Jersey Members Participated in Community Clean-up
佛光會紐澤西協會楊沛權會長16日上午帶領新州佛光人,共同響應南平原市的社區清潔日活動。穿著佛光會服的義工們秉持著三好四給的信念,穿梭於園內各角 落,清除遊客不經意間留下的垃圾。市長Mathew Anesh於活動結束後,邀請義工們前往市政府一起享用市政府準備的餐點及參與抽獎活動。義工何駿榮帶著十一歲的兒子何啟堯,於無相布施以及施恩不望報的 心態之下參與清潔活動,父子兩人均獲得大獎,喜出望外,一時之間傳為佳話。 On April 16, 2016, BLIA New Jersey President Yang Peiquan led members in participating in the South Plainfield community clean-up. Volunteers in BLIA uniforms picked up trash visitors left behind in the park, practicing the “three acts of goodness” and “four givings.” At the end of the clean-up day, Mayor Mathew Anesh invited volunteers to the city hall for snacks and prize draws. Volunteer He Junrong and his eleven-years-old son, He Qiyao’s good deeds were rewarded with big prizes though they contributed without any notion of receiving rewards. Their wins became the talk of the day!